Orangutans – Eyes of the Forest


Currently we are producing our new film project about orangutans on the island of Borneo. In this two-parter we want to introduce you to our red-haired relatives and roam through their lush wilderness.

Translated from Malay, orangutan means “man of the forest”. Together with many other creatures, the men of the forest live in the evergreen jungle of the large tropical island. Unfortunately, the habitats of the sympathetic apes are getting smaller and smaller and their numbers are dramatically decreasing. Continued overexploitation of the rainforest, especially the conversion of the jungle into palm oil plantations, is to blame.

Come with us to visit the last forest dwellers!

You will be moved: Orangutans are sensitive and intelligent, and they are closer to us than many people think. You will be amazed: The forest of orangutans is colorful and full of life. Get to know other inhabitants of the tropical island of Borneo with us. You will be speechless: Of course we will also draw your attention to the problems of the forest people and show you how dark their future is. But there are also glimmers of hope…

Orang Utans – Eyes of the forest

2 x 50 minutes
In production