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Habu Schlange Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz WestphalenHabu Schlange Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
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Thoralf Grospitz


Thoralf’s motivation is curiosity. From childhood Thoralf is interested in technology and spends a large part of his youth doing handicrafts in his father’s workshop – but only in bad weather. The sunny part of his spare time he roams through nature in the northeast of Hamburg.

He is already involved in nature conservation during his schooldays and has a project at “Jugend forscht”. In his school’s photo club, he teaches his classmates and makes his first Super8 films.

After graduating from high school, Thoralf works for the German Armed Forces as a press photographer. He then studies biology in Kaiserslautern and later in Hamburg with a focus on zoology and ecology. His diploma thesis is a nature conservation work on ground beetles.

Today, Thoralf is with Jens Westphalen on filming trips all over the world for half of the year. In addition to the camera work, he takes care of the technology at ZORILLAFILM – and once again spends a lot of time in the workshop.

Thoralf Grospitz lives with his family in Hamburg.