Global, creative, unique.

For more than twenty years we have successfully been producing nature documentaries at the highest level.

Viewers, TV-stations and film festivals all over the world appreciate our work.

Our numerous international film awards speak for themselves.

Come with us to visit our red-haired relatives
For our current two-parter, we are on the trail of orangutans on the island of Borneo. Touching and stunning images will show you surprising sides of the likeable apes.


From North Frisia to New Zealand, from ants to elephants. Since 1994 we have been filming small and large animals all over the world with great enthusiasm. For us, no distance is too far and no effort is too great to get good images and gripping stories. We are constantly opening up new horizons. Be part of it!

Our work

With our films we would like to amaze you and get you excited about nature and the animal kingdom. Thanks to the latest camera technology, we canshow exciting natural phenomena that otherwise would remain hidden from most people. In addition to technology, we use two things in particular: time and patience!

Our partners

Besides our animal partners in the bush, we have film partners all over the world. Large television stations and renowned production companies appreciate the high quality of our films and our reliability. We like to realize the ideas of our clients just as much as our own.