Wild Japan

Japan Zorillafilm
Schneeaffen Jigokudani Japan Zorillafilm
Singschwan Japan Zorillafilm
Singschwan Japan Whooper Swan Zorillafilm
Singschwäne Hokkaido Japan Zorillafilm
Kyoto Torii Zorillafilm
Tokio Shibuya Zorillafilm
Drei weise Affen Zorillafilm
Sonnenaufgang Fuji Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Japan Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Eismeer Hokkaido Japan Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Japan Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Japan Hokkaido
Riesenseeadler Eismeer Japan
Riesenseeadler Hokkaido Japan
Baby Schneeaffe Japan Zorillafilm
Sikahirsch Japan Hokkaido Zorillafilm
Braunbär Brown Bear Japan Shiretoko Zorillafilm
Brown Bear Braunbär Japan Zorillafilm
Tokio Shibuya Zorillafilm
Vulkanausbruch Sakurajima Japan Zorillafilm
Kirschblüte Japan Zorillafilm
Kyoto Japan Kirschblüte Zorillafilm
Daigoji Kyoto Japan Kirschblüte Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Japan Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Hokkaido Winter Japan Zorillafilm
Paddy Field Japan Zorillafilm
Winter Japan Hokkaido Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Riesenseeadler Rausu Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Regenwald Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Habu Schlange Okinawa Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Küste Okinawa Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Sonnenaufgang Fuji Honshu Japan Zorillafilm
Mönch Koyasan Japan Zorillafilm
Rotgesichtsmakak Japan Zorillafilm
Maikos Kyoto Zorillafilm
Maiko Kyoto Straßenszene Japan Zorillafilm
Höllental Hokkaido Japan Zorillafilm
Kirschblüte Sakura Japan Zorillafilm
Japanese macaque Zorillafilm
Schneeaffe Männchen Japan Zorillafilm

For this two-part series, we were on the road in Japan for over nine months. We came back from the “Land of the Rising Sun” with atmospheric pictures and stories never before told.

Japan is a country of contrasts: In the north, brown bears fishing for salmons and snow monkeys bathing in hot springs, in the south, tropical islands with bizarre animals. Megacities like Tokyo on the one hand and remote mountain valleys with (for us) strange-looking traditions on the other. Rarely are the differences within a country as great as in Japan, which stretches over 3,000 kilometres from north to south.

Come with us on a fascinating journey through the “Wild Japan”, watch giant sea eagles, rare giant salamanders, brown bears, snow monkeys and other interesting inhabitants of the Far East. Side-by-side we will experience spectacular volcanic eruptions, sumo for bulls and of course hanami – the magnificent cherry blossom festival.

Japan has never been seen so wild!

Among other awards, “Wild Japan” was also nominated for an International Emmy.

Wild Japan

2 x 50 minutes
For NDR Naturfilm, Arte, ORF, Nat Geo Wild, Parthenon Entertainment
Completion 2009