Riesenseeadler Japan WinterRiesenseeadler Japan Winter
Maiko Kyoto Straßenszene Japan ZorillafilmMaiko Kyoto Straßenszene Japan Zorillafilm
Regenwald Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz WestphalenRegenwald Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Habu Schlange Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz WestphalenHabu Schlange Okinawa Japan Zorillafilm Grospitz Westphalen
Baby Schneeaffe Japan ZorillafilmBaby Schneeaffe Japan Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Hokkaido Winter Japan ZorillafilmRiesenseeadler Hokkaido Winter Japan Zorillafilm
Wüstenlandschaft NamibiaWüstenlandschaft Namibia
Rotes RiesenkänguruRotes Riesenkänguru
Drei weise Affen ZorillafilmDrei weise Affen Zorillafilm
Riesenseeadler Eismeer Hokkaido Japan ZorillafilmRiesenseeadler Eismeer Hokkaido Japan Zorillafilm
Leopard Botswana ZorillafilmLeopard Botswana Zorillafilm
Schneeaffen Jigokudani Japan ZorillafilmSchneeaffen Jigokudani Japan Zorillafilm
Mönch Koyasan Japan ZorillafilmMönch Koyasan Japan Zorillafilm
Japan ZorillafilmJapan Zorillafilm

ZORILLAFILM: Passion for nature and wildlife

We are an innovative film production company from Hamburg. Full of ideas, inventiveness and unique perspectives. Thoralf Grospitz und Jens Westphalen will give you new insights into the natural world.


Emmy-nominated wildlife filmmakers

Since 1994 we have been passionately and successfully filming and producing nature documentaries worldwide. Full of energy and highly motivated we are constantly developing. Our films regularly receive international awards.

It all starts around a campfire

On an excursion during our biology studies we meet around a campfire in 1993. In the glow of the fire,we discover that we share the same passions: Nature, animals, travel, adventure, environmental protection – and the dream of making a living as a wildlife filmmaker. And if you don’t dare, you won’t win! We decide to try our luck together.

Soon our “weird” idea of becoming wildlife filmmakers becomes a concrete plan.

Contacts are made and the first devices are purchased with borrowed money: a used 16mm film camera, lenses, a tripod…

And then the first chance. In the middle of Jens’ diploma thesis, an assignment from NDR. A jump in at the deep end! The study period is interrupted for a few weeks and instead, filminghides are built in the bushes. Shooting without much experience, but with success: The images are well received.

Only two days after the submission of Jens’ diploma thesiswe start to Sri Lanka to shoot our first documentary feature for the series; “Schauplatz Natur”. As is evident, this project also has a positive outcome – and so we still film today …

We bring you close to wildlife

We would like to amaze you and get you excited about the animal kingdom. With the most modern camera technology we show fascinating natural phenomena that wouldotherwise remain hidden to most people.

We usetwo things in addition to all the technology: Time and patience!

With great passion, comes great responsibility

We love animals and nature. But we are confronted with many environmental problems during our filming. Overexploitation, pollution, extinction. Therefore we would like to use our images and stories to draw your attention to the various problems of the natural world as well. Together we can help to preserve our colourful, species-rich and amazing planet for the future.

Zorilla Film


For a long time we searched for a name for our production company. At some point we met the zorilla, a small African predator. The zorilla is related to the martens and resembles the American skunk with its black and white stripes. We found its name catchy and memorable, and so we made it ours.